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RunSlides documentation

RunSlides documentation

This small program generates interactive slides of HTML5 presentations. Currently it enables users to edit code snippets within a slide, to run it, and to display its output in a visually pleasant way.

You no longer need to switch between presentation software and IDEs or terminals during your programming talks.

RunSlides is inspired by Google's present tool, but unlike present it is not limited to the Go language.

The program starts an http server and offers a WebSocket connection. The HTML5 presentation uses this WebSocket to send code snippets to RunSlides, which runs a defined interpreter with the code as input. RunSlides responds to the browser with the program's output. The WebSocket communication is handled by a JavaScript function which reads interpreter, input code and an optional template name as arguments.

RunSlides makes use of Go templates - before calling the interpreter, it may embed the code snippet in a text file. So you can add include commands or helper functions in a code template instead of showing them in your slide.

Example of a template:

package main

import (


Refer to the fib.html sample presentation to create your own slides. Modify static/styles.css to change colors/fonts etc.


Start a presentation:

Now a http server listens on port 12345.

Open the URL "" in Chrome (23+).
You will see a Fibonacci presentation. Click on "Run" to execute the shown snippets. Edit the snippets to alter the output.
HINT: calculating huge Fibonacci numbers takes time.

Use arrow keys/ENTER/SPACE to navigate through the slides. Press F11 for fullscreen mode.


runslides-0.2.tar.gz (10 KB)

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