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Highlight Native Client (BETA)

Based on highlight 3.18

This page loads a binary module which is executed within your browser. It was tested with Chrome 21. Your code snippets are parsed locally and not stored on third party hosts. The module will load configuration files online to parse your code. If the module is not executed, please enable the Native Client feature (browse to chrome://flags and chrome://plugins).

Choose output format:
Define input syntax:
Select color theme:
Reformat/indent C-style syntax:
Change keyword case:
Line length:
Change line wrapping:
Choose plug-in:
Load sample code: |
Omit document header and footer
Add line numbers
Add line numbers to wrapped lines
Output suitable for Copy&Paste

Input code:
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Module status: NOT LOADED | Syntax status: NOT LOADED | Theme status: NOT LOADED | Plug-In status: NOT LOADED
Errors: NONE
Browser compatibility: NATIVE CLIENT NOT SUPPORTED
Module source code (360 KB) | Wie funktioniert das? (German tutorial)

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