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Highlight logohighlight 3.35

Source packages

highlight-3.35.tar.bz2 (1.2 MB)
SHA256: 8a14b49f5e0c07daa9f40b4ce674baa00bb20061079473a5d386656f6d236d05 | GPG Sig

MacOS GUI packages

highlight-3.34.dmg (64 bit, 9.9 MB)
SHA256: ad1285149d029ff0291d9407fb877c9caae876a9280825b42400bfdeee9d36ba | GPG Sig

Windows installers

highlight-setup-3.35.exe (32 bit, 8.1 MB)
SHA256: d590b089d6549e1ead9263e2b628e807b39297f875e1999cb96bdc30b99b2395 | GPG Sig

highlight-setup-3.35-x64.exe (64 bit, 8.3 MB)
SHA256: e767e789ea658ba3718771a5f865e47d19585ef3a2f51d45da05450b92b36348 | GPG Sig

Windows ZIP packages

highlight-3.35.zip (32 bit, 8.4 MB)
SHA256: ea4c81ff647eeb0d19ebf07f576b4b5366dcd34c9a50d397555cae3dfc82c6ee | GPG Sig

highlight-3.35-x64.zip (64 bit, 8.6 MB)
SHA256: b63a88a3f3ea81965f46086df606eeedeffa20608107c7217f3d699ea5610957 | GPG Sig

Distribution packages:

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Project age: 14 years, 11 months, 22 days

Ansifilter Logoansifilter 2.4

Source packages

ansifilter-2.4.tar.bz2 (112 KB)
SHA256: c57cb878afa7191c7b7db3c086a344b4234df814aed632596619a4bda5941d48 | GPG Sig

MacOS GUI packages

ansifilter-2.4.dmg (64 bit, 8.6 MB)
SHA256: 1bd979e3b4afba42c92e0dca3ff35feb34d3293d7cbc32eed8eddf776e9dc382 | GPG Sig

Windows ZIP packages

ansifilter-2.4.zip (32 bit, 6.6 MB)
SHA256: 326f8e56ca3c06358f42e4e91d15432189b27e67218a733a229c94757dd11a7b | GPG Sig

ansifilter-2.4-x64.zip (64 bit, 6.6 MB)
SHA256: efd0b751e0d64dde0604212f4b7615f5e14bfeb3cd371f5a463b5a8d086c758f | GPG Sig

Distribution packages:

Manual ][ Installation ][ Screenshots ][ ChangeLog

Project age: 9 years, 4 months, 27 days

mlock logoMikroLock 1.1

Source packages

mikrolock-1.1.tar.bz2 (315 KB)
SHA256: a4a690d0c9af56bc5c98f5d1b857d9beb00541ef6f39d4c77377288a3bceae58 | GPG Sig

Windows installers

mikrolock-setup-1.1.exe (32 bit, 7.0 MB)
SHA256: d2cd55b43ac396344239880197133f38cfe389db08a3a8e01482bb964ee3ecc9 | GPG Sig

mikrolock-setup-1.1-x64.exe (64 bit, 7.0 MB)
SHA256: 2da515036843847a64eca7920a7d2190a240f2deb20a12f37ee4b458a7571df8 | GPG Sig

Windows ZIP packages

mikrolock-1.1.zip (32 bit, 7.1 MB)
SHA256: ee19ac162949e24653ab47e21554d5effd1035654e0c8a3dc776296cfcf01408 | GPG Sig

mikrolock-1.1-x64.zip (64 bit, 7.1 MB)
SHA256: 749ee328a0557afe760d6ca5658732b99d589d873d4ed6de7d5e6af904e67f67 | GPG Sig

Distribution packages:

Manual ][ Installation ][ ChangeLog ][ Screencast

Project age: 2 years, 4 months, 13 days

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# run this once:
gpg --keyserver pgp.mit.edu --recv-key D805A7C7         

# run this if the key expired in 02/2017:
gpg --refresh-keys

# download the file and its asc signature, then run:
gpg --verify FILE.VERSION.tar.bz.asc FILE.VERSION.tar.bz
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