text processing utilities

Highlight documentation

V4 Migration

The major version bump will be used to enforce the following interface and file changes:

Removed CLI options

These options are no longer documented and will be removed soon:

    --start-nested=<lang>      define nested language which starts input
                                  without opening delimiter

    --reformat-option=<opt>    apply an astyle cmd line option (assumes -F)

    --base16[=theme]           use a theme of the Base16 collection

    --delim-cr                 set CR as end-of-line delimiter (MacOS 9)
    --plug-in-read             see --plug-in-param

A deprecation notice is shown during the beta release cycle.

GNU source-highlight compatibility options

These options are no longer documented but continue to work:

    --doc                      create stand alone document
    --no-doc                   cancel the --doc option
    --css=filename             the external style sheet filename
    --src-lang=STRING          source language
-t, --tab=INT                  specify tab length
-n, --line-number[=0]          number all output lines, optional padding
    --line-number-ref[=p]      number all output lines and generate an anchor,
                                made of the specified prefix p + the line
                                number  (default='line')
    --output-dir=path          output directory
    --failsafe                 if no language definition is found for the
                                  input, it is simply copied to the output

A deprecation notice is shown during the beta release cycle.

Removed library functions

DataDir::searchDataDir -> DataDir::initSearchDirectories

Removed files


Renamed files

    langDefs/abap4.lang -> langDefs/abap.lang
    langDefs/coffee.lang -> langDefs/coffeescript.lang
    langDefs/docker.lang -> langDefs/dockerfile.lang
    langDefs/js.lang -> langDefs/javascript.lang
    langDefs/make.lang -> langDefs/makefile.lang
    langDefs/ps1.lang -> langDefs/powershell.lang
    langDefs/rs.lang -> langDefs/rust.lang
    langDefs/sh.lang -> langDefs/shellscript.lang
    langDefs/ts.lang -> langDefs/typescript.lang

    themes/fine_blue.theme -> themes/fineblue.theme

New config files


CSS style names

To avoid conflicts with new `st*` names, these classes were renamed:

    str -> sng
    std -> def