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Regular Expressions

See boost regex documentation


Regex=[[ [A-Z]\w+ ]]

Highlight identifiers beginning with a capital letter.

Regex=[[ [$@%]\w+ ]]

Highlight variables beginning with $, @ or %.

Regex=[[ \$\{(\w+)\}) ]]


Regex=[[ \$\{(\w+)\} ]], Group=1

Highlight variable names like ${name}. Only the enclosed name is highlighted as keyword. The grouping feature is used to achieve this effect. If no capturing group index is defined (like in the first example above), the right-most group's match (highest capturing index) is returned.

Regex=[[ (\w+)\s*\( ]]

Highlight method names. Note that grouping is used again.


Recognize Unicode characters in a keyword.


A never matching expression. Can be used to disable a default syntax element.